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Private Dining

We offer two tiers of private dining.  Tier one and two offer three or four course menus, with a fixed first course, a fixed second course (on the four course menus), a choice of 2 entrees for your group, and a fixed dessert. The menus may also be paired with tasting portion of a different wine at each course.  Food and beverage minimums may apply to your function depending on the day/time you desire.  Private functions require a banquet contract.



                              Private Dining Pricing

5Tier 1 Three Course


Tier 1 Four Course


Tier 2 Three Course


                               Tier 2 Four Course


A 5% discount on your menu price is available if individual entrée orders are provided at least 72 hours in advance, or if you choose only one entrée for your entire group.  Pre-ordering entrees will also contribute to a more seamless dining experience.  All menu prices include food only.  All alcoholic beverages are priced separately, and unlimited soda, tea and coffee are provided at $3.00 per guest.  Espresso and other coffee drinks are also additional. 

Sales tax and twenty percent gratuity will be added.