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Cold options:

comes with crostini or white or multigrain baguette

Shrimp salad with creamy dill dressing $8

Crab salad with egg and homemade mayo $8

Waldorf chicken salad with grape, walnuts, apples $9

Cheese plate: smoked gouda, cambozola, brie $13

Roasted beet salad with goat cheese, sweet and spicy walnut, honey balsamic vinaigrette $7, add grilled chicken $3

Pear salad with cambozola, sweet and spicy walnuts, honey balsamic vinaigrette $9, add grilled chicken $3

Black forest cake $7

Red wine mousse $7

Hot options:

Comes with reheating instructions

Crepe soup $6

Immunity soup $6

Soup of the day $6

Homemade pretzels with German cheese dip $6

Truffle risotto $16

Saffron and shrimp risotto $20


Fresh pressed juices $5

Calming – cantaloupe pear

Energizing – beet, apple, carrot, ginger

Slimming – kale, celery, apple

Cleansing – apple, lemon, ginger

Immunity – carrot, orange, ginger

Wine and sparkling wine

Sodas and water